Determining the cost of a new website is definitely not an easy task. Why should I go for an expensive website, The cost depends on several factors. Here they are:

1. What is the website for? Is the aim of the website to present you and what you can do, or an ecommerce site where you will sell your products? Trust us, they are quite different. A presentation website is fairly simple whereas ecommerce sites require various plugins and the integration of a shopping cart and payment getaway. The more complicated the site, the more it is going to cost and foreseeing how much some things cost will help you plan your budget accordingly.

2. Do you need the services of a web developer, web designer or both of them? Is custom design absolutely necessary? In some cases, existing templates can be bought for a fixed cost and tweaked till they meet your needs. A custom layout is a different story. It takes more time to design and setup everything hence the cost will increase.

3. Domain and hosting costs. Domain names are usually bought for an entire year and then renewed whereas hosting is a monthly cost. Depending on the traffic you get, the price of your hosting package will increase.

4. Plugins may or may not be another substantial cost for your website depending on whether you use the free or premium versions. And there is difference there too as some require you to pay monthly, others only once per website.

5. SEO. What is the purpose of a website if it does not appear on search engine results? Interested parties will not be able to find out about what you do simply because few bother to look past the first page of results. So, investing in SEO will definitely prove to be a smart decision.

6. Content. Again, this will largely depend on what your website is for. You may or may not require the services of a content writer. We have opted to mention it as it may add to your budget.

7. Generating organic traffic. Work doesn’t stop when you launch your website. The next step is to attract your target audience. After all, having a responsive, mobile friendly website with great design is not the ultimate goal. People need to be able to find it on the web and learn about your products and services. There are all sorts of tips and tricks on how you can generate initial traffic for your site, but ultimately you can also hire the services of a specialized agency to help you out.

8. Time. Do not forget that the time you spend on your website is time you could have spent doing something else, hence time is also a cost.

So, What is a good price for a website, now that we have seen all anticipated costs, the next question is what is your budget? All things considered, we recommend that you determine your own budget and start from there. Reaching out to developers and designers is easy but you will have to be to tell them what you are looking for so they can give you the proper quote. We have not listed any specific amount as there are so many different variables to consider, but we hope we have given you an idea on where to start calculating the cost.

If you need help, feel free to get in touch with us at How much should I pay for a website, We can help you with design, development, SEO, Social Media Management and CRM.

We hope this article was helpful.
Good luck!


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